Steven Wilson

Steven Wilson

Every year, dozens of current and former personnel from Langley Air Force Base enroll as students at Thomas Nelson Community College. Very few come to the school as faculty. Steven Wilson earned both his Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in English from Sam Houston State University before joining the Air Force. During his military career he was a navigator and frequently worked with the Army coordinating “close-air support.” He taught English at The United States Air Force Academy and was head of the English Department at United States Air Force Academy Preparatory School. After retiring from the Air Force, Wilson began teaching English at Granby High School, in Norfolk, before coming to Thomas Nelson. He has also begun a career as a writer.

A graduate of Clarion West Writer’s Workshop, a six-week course geared toward fantasy and science fiction writers, Wilson was fifty-years old when he sold his first story, “Red Card,” to “The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction” in 2007.

“I had wanted to write for years, but wasn’t sure I had what it takes to get published,” Wilson recalls. I finally decided to write a short story and worked on it for about four months.”

He has since published more than ten stories and revels in finally being able to pursue his life-long passion. Wilson’s experience as a published author benefits his students, particularly those who wanr to become writers.

“I frequently tell my students about problems I’ve had in writing and how I overcame them. I’m a big believer in developing an effective writing process and often talk about some of the processes I use,” Wilson says. “When I’m talking to my students about some strategy in writing, I tell them how some of my writing friends use those principles to get published.”

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