Mitch Outten

Mitch Outten was a student at James Madison University studying Kinesiology when he realized that his current path was not quite right for him. Already working as a lifeguard supervisor, the 2011 Grafton High School graduate felt a calling to help others during their time of greatest need, and decided to pursue a career as a paramedic.

Rewarding is the word Outten uses to describe how he feels about being a part of the first class to graduate from Thomas Nelson’s EMS program. He notes that he and his classmates were able to contribute to the success of future classes, since they were the first group of students to go through the program and figure out which aspects of the courses and clinical practice worked and which didn’t. Outten appreciated the small class size in Thomas Nelson’s program and the ample opportunities offered to practice procedure skills, but did note that there was a heavy time commitment for both classes and clinical hours.

Fortunately for Outten, there is no post-graduation job search. During his last semester in the EMS program, he was hired as a firefighter/medic with a fire department. Outten is also considering working part-time as an emergency room technician and is looking forward to serving in the community to protect and save lives.

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