Hailey Chohany

Following her 2010 graduation from Walsingham Academy in Williamsburg, Hailey Chohany enrolled at James Madison University, where she studied Studio Art. Her plans changed when a medical issue forced her to leave school and return home. She explored a few different career paths, and after shadowing a local dental hygienist on the job, she knew the profession was for her.

Chohany found her classes rather eye-opening. “I was shocked to learn the truth about flossing,” she said. “The reality is, only mechanical disturbance can remove the glue-like bacteria which adhere to our teeth. Mouthwash, gum, and mints may trick us into thinking our mouth is clean, but really only a toothbrush and floss are capable of physically removing bacteria.” The best preparation she received for her new career was in learning basic techniques during simulation lab, along with spending hours in community health clinics to learn how dental offices really run. Regarding her classes, Chohany appreciated the small class size and the individual instruction she received.

During her time at Thomas Nelson, Chohany served as president of the school’s American Dental Hygienists’ Association chapter and received the 2016 Future Leader Award from the Peninsula Dental Hygienists’ Association. Having earned her associate degree, Chohany will hone her clinical skills at a private dental practice in Virginia Beach while pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Dental Hygiene at Old Dominion University.

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