Georgia Jackson

A2008 graduate of Menchville High School, Georgia Jackson had already graduated from Old Dominion University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Recreation

and Tourism Studies before she found her calling as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). The class of 2016 was the first to graduate from the EMS program at Thomas Nelson. “It was an honor and a privilege starting a legacy with a program that will be producing exceptional providers in the future,” she says.

Jackson’s participation in the EMS program forced her to grow both personally and professionally. In the beginning, nearly every day she saw something that surprised her, but now, it takes an awful lot to surprise her. During the course of the program, her class established the EMSSA, a student government association, which she had the distinction of being the group’s first president. Acknowledging the strong commitment students have to display for the EMS program, Jackson says, “This program is for people who like putting forth effort. It is a commitment and a lifestyle and if you aren’t ready for that, you won’t make it.”

While completing her coursework, Jackson volunteered with the Hampton Division of Fire and Rescue. That opportunity gave her hands-on experience working on an ambulance and valuable knowledge from EMS providers. Now that she has graduated, Jackson plans to find a year-long contract as a paramedic in the Middle East. Following a year overseas, she hopes to come home and make her transition from a volunteer to a professional medic or firefighter.

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