Clifton Hucks

The desire to work in public service led Clifton Hucks to Thomas Nelson’s EMS program. He started studying business management after graduating from Tabb High School in 2004, then found himself working as a freelance business consultant in Southeast Asia. Once he moved back to the United States, Hucks weighed a few options for careers in public service before choosing EMS. He began his EMS studies at another school but transferred to Thomas Nelson, where

he noticed a difference in the quality of education due to the smaller class size. “It’s hard for any instructor to curtail the program to fit the needs of the students,” Hucks recalls. “But with the smaller class sizes, our instructors were able to actually teach the material instead of just lecture.”

While studying at Thomas Nelson, Hucks took the opportunity to ride with local EMS, which enabled him to see practitioners making literal life and death decisions, with little room for error. As part of the EMS program, Hucks was impressed with how the faculty and staff always had the best interests of the students in mind. He appreciated that the students were allowed to focus on learning and using the material with the speed they needed to fully grasp the concepts. Following graduation, Hucks will continue earning credits to complete his Associate Degree in Emergency Healthcare Services, then join a local EMS system.

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