Changing Gears – Shifting Careers

Shifting Careers

Thanks to the prerequisite courses she completed at Thomas Nelson Community College, Heather Harris was able to enroll in the Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing. Her long term goal is to become a nurse practitioner, and she is set to complete her studies at Johns Hopkins in 2018 with a Master of Science Degree in Nursing. “Ultimately, I would like to complete a Doctor of Nurse Practice program, but one step at a time,” Harris notes.

With a Bachelor of Science Degree in Sociology and a Bachelor of Liberal Arts Degree with an emphasis in Psychology in hand, Harris enrolled at Thomas Nelson in 2015 having been out of school for roughly 16 years. Although her career was going well, she wanted a change and shifted focus to pursue a degree in Nursing.

“After looking into several second-degree programs I realized I needed to complete some prerequisites before I could apply to the program. Thomas Nelson was very reasonably priced, located close to where I live, and had a good reputation making it the perfect choice,” says Harris. “Thomas Nelson was the perfect step to help me get back into the academic world. I had great professors who helped to make this transition as easy as possible,” she adds.

Although academics demanded a lot of her time, Harris took advantage of campus life by participating in Thomas Nelson’s Science Club. “I enjoyed the challenges the classes offered, the Science Club field trips and of course the people. Everyone at Thomas Nelson from the admissions office to the professors were nice, helpful and made the process very easy,” says the Hampton resident.

Harris expressed appreciation to Associate Professor Pengfei Song and Adjunct Faculty member Glenda Watkins for their inspiration. “I wouldn’t be where I am without their help and guidance,” she says.


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