Amy Anderson

Amy Anderson

Many students and teachers take a winding path through their careers before coming to Thomas Nelson. Amy Anderson is no exception. After earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Cultural & Linguistic Anthropology from Oregon State University, and a post-graduate certificate in Latin American Affairs, she received a Juris Doctorate from the Willamette University College of Law. While in law school, Anderson participated in an international law student exchange program that took her to South America. Later, as she served in Oregon’s Army National Guard, she was a Photojournalist and became a Legal Affairs Specialist. Anderson travelled to Japan to teach English for a year, then began a career state-side, practicing U.S. Immigration & Naturalization law as an associate with one of San Francisco’s oldest immigration law firms.

In 2007, Anderson began teaching law and legal studies courses at Thomas Nelson as an adjunct faculty member. She has since taught and designed online and traditional courses for several universities and colleges around the country. Anderson became a full-time faculty member in 2015.

She is glad that her career found its way to teaching. “Better than any of my time as a practicing attorney, has been teaching college students and introducing them to the fascinating and challenging arena of law,” says Anderson.

In her classes, she incorporates discussion about the day-to-day practice of law including client interaction, ethics, business operations, networking, community involvement and stress management. Anderson believes these topics are as important as substantive material when it comes to learning about the legal field. She challenges students to grow their understanding of the law and add tools to their “legal skills toolbox.”

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